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Tips to plan your solo trip and to enjoy it alone

by Julian Pierce
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Solo Travelling

Solo traveling may be frightening initially, but is different. Plan a lot or go with the flow, pick a few helpful tips.

Awesome tips for a solo trip
Travel as you wish on your solo trip using these awesome tips:
Travel budget– People avoid traveling solo due to fear. The main fear is lack of money. However, consider the place you go, stay, and the period. Look for cheaper travel options and stay flexible. Above all, decide your budget. Save for 3-6 months and set a travel budget.
Right Mindset– Solo traveling is overwhelming and scary at times. You feel something empowering, while going on a solo trip, just stay calm and comfortable. Enjoy exploring, eat what you like, take selfies, and you will see the world is beautiful. Remember not to try anything that you do not do at home.
Start small– Solo travel can be anything, a weekend or a week in your country. Solo trips even within your city may be many that you have missed, beaches and small towns, the options are limitless. Going on solo trips is a way of giving yourself a ‘me’ time.
Book early– Flights are pricey, book early. If not, wait for the right offers, and avoid weekends, holidays, festivals, or the best season. Stay with Airbnb or hostels.
Pick only 1-2 activities- Cramming many activities may be overwhelming. Research and pick must-see or do activities. In this way, you can enjoy the activities and take time to stop and see many things.

The biggest challenge in traveling solo is going solo. Hop on alone, packing your bags, and soon you will get addicted to traveling solo. When you head for the first solo trip, catch up with these ideas:

Ideas that make a perfect solo trip

  1. Plan for the first few days
    A solo trip is intimidating the first time. Arriving all alone in a new place is a thrilling experience. Your mind is full of questions, such as where to go, where to start, and who should you ask for details.

Plan the first few days of your solo trip, so that the overwhelming feeling takes a back step. It is crucial to plan so that a few tours are ready; accommodations are ready, schedule pickup, and take essential steps to be easy for you.

  1. Research to your best
    Traveling solo is not easy, so do many kinds of research before you start. Going more prepared keeps you ready to travel solo. Scour articles, blogs, books, and social media sites. Overlook key details and ensure you carry:
    Travel document requirements, tickets, visa, and passport
    Appropriate clothing and footwear
    All essentials
  2. Use technology
    Traveling alone should not be a reason to stop you from going anywhere. It is about self-reliance. Use technology at times of need. Use Google maps to know the directions and use it offline if there is no Wi-Fi.

Use local language and Google Translate if you do not know the language. Again, keep the offline version ready. Use XE currency to convert currency. Download this app as an offline version. Keeping at your fingertips all the resources ready will save you from a lot of stress and time.

  1. Let expectations go away
    It is your first solo trip, just avoid setting expectations and go with the flow. Anything may go down, do your best and stay positive. You cannot predict what a destination will be like or what will happen, so it is crucial to have no expectations and to set a positive mindset.
  2. Set Intentions
    On a trip, anything is possible, no matter whether you go solo or in a group. Set intentions, your pace and have the right direction. Start your trip with a purpose and more clarity. How you feel or what you wish to do is your choice. Ensure your solo trip is successful.
  3. Choose the location wisely
    Choosing the right location is important for solo travelers. Choose a location that suits your interests. If crowds are overwhelming, avoid cities and avoid beaches if you dislike lounging in the sand. If on the first attempt of solo traveling:
    Choose a local language-speaking location and yet face the language barrier with the help of Google Translate.
    Opt for a popular backpacking location to meet other travelers.
    Look for an established infrastructure and a centralized location.
  4. Keep in balance
    The newfound freedom may be tempting as it allows you to do as you wish. Yet, keep in balance and stay steady. Do not board in all that comes in front of you. Plan a few activities ‘must-do’ and avoid overplanning. Anything over, may or may not work. Leave some room for spontaneity. Pushing yourself hard is not required; try to take in a few at a time. Eventually, quality beats quantity.
  5. Arrive at daytime
    Arriving in the daytime gives you a secure feel. With the sun shining above your head, you stay safe to arrange transportation and gain your composure. As such, there is no wrong or right way of solo travel. Do what you wish to do and enjoy the freedom.

If you are less certain, start by discovering the museums, parks, and local cafés. You will start knowing the local crowd and people watching you. Thus, the embarrassment time fades away.

  1. Pack Light
    Packing light is the key to enjoying solo travel. It is a pain to carry or move your huge bags. Trust this fact, pack light and it is easier for you.

Solo travel is hard to substantiate. It works cheaper and there is no social pressure to match your travel companion’s spending habits. You need not offset any of your plans while traveling solo, but for getting set in a single room.

A great step is to brace and step outside to walk into an unknown place. Be proud of yourself and smile the way that you have come out of your comfort zone. Enjoy all the moments you are unsure of, it is normal. If things go differently from your plan, it is okay. Put a courageous act and take things lightly, it is your solo trip.

Pick a destination, what is stopping you from solo trip?

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