The Best Nightclubs in New York City

New York clubs to dance the night away

If you are in New York City and are a fan of the nightlife, looking for where to go, to have fun and meet people like you who just want to let loose after a long day and be free, the “City that never sleeps,” has some delights for everyone.

New York Nightlife

Wondering where you can find the best nightlife, look no further because we have got a list of places for you to try out.

1.     Marquee, Manhattan.

If you are looking for the best place to party, then Marquee is the place for you. One of the clubs in Manhattan, with high-caliber DJs selected for your pleasure, you will find yourself a sweaty mess from having danced the night away. As one of the best dance clubs in NYC, Marquee has proven to be worth its salt, lasting longer than the average nightclub in terms of years it has been open and garnering a reputation for itself with its raging parties that power on till the early hours of the morning.

2.     Lavo Nightclub.

Lavo is a branch modeled after its original in Las Vegas. It is one of the most popular clubs in New York, famous for playing electronic. Lavo is difficult to get into as people are usually handpicked to go in. In order to get in, you need to be dressed to make a statement, but while the hassle to get in is tedious, Lavo makes up for it with the fun you are bound to have when you finally get in.

3.     PHD Downtown

PHD Downtown opened in 2015 and ever since then, it has become one of the best nightclubs in New York City. The large space is usually packed full every night by people looking to have fun. The club usually opens from Thursday to Sunday every week and its ambiance and good music have never failed to bring people in. in order to get in, it is recommended that you wear a smart casual outfit, so you will not be turned away. It is known to attract very good DJs and popular celebrities.

4.     The DL

The DL is a pretty good lounge, known for its great music, food, and drinks. The dance floor can get overcrowded, but the music will have you dancing all night and having an amazing time. If you ever decide to visit the DL, make sure to be there before 11 pm, so you don’t have to spend a long time standing in line. The rooftop is the best place to be if you are looking to party for a long time.

5.     Magic Hour Rooftop

Magic Hour Rooftop is another fun stop for those who want to experience the excitement. They have good DJs and good but slightly overpriced drinks. The dress code at Magic Hour is dress to impress.

The night is young and so are we

If you ever find yourself bored and in need of something new and fun, New York nightclubs might be just what you need to spice your life up.

Do you think you will love the nightlife experience?