Solo Trip Ideas that Make You Forget You’re on Your Own

Traveling is one of the mostfun things to do alone

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Everyone has times when they just want to go solo.

Is it weird to go to a bar alone? Will people look at you funny if you go to see the Eiffel Tower alone? The truth is that there is nothing wrong with being by yourself.

The main reason no one goes alone to anything is that they are not sure if they will have fun by themselves.

The Best Places to Travel Solo

Traveling is something that many people hesitate to do alone, finding it daunting to be in a new place all alone, and wondering if they would be able to enjoy themselves.

However, it is much more enjoyable to travel on your own than people think, and often, the experience is more meaningful since you get to soak it in without distractions.

A few places which are great for a solo trip are;

1.     East Coast Australia

As a solo traveler, there is nothing quite as exciting as a place with sociable people, and stunning views. If you are the type that enjoys conversations, you will find it easy to make new friends who will teach you how to party the Australian way. If you’re the quiet type, then you will enjoy experiencing several towns with glorious ocean views.

2.     Japan

Japan is a stunning place, with cities filled with bright lights and amazing technology, to small towns and villages full of farms and old temples. Quite frankly, there is something in Japan for everyone. Even if you don’t do anything else, with the amazing food Japan offers, no one will judge you if you spend your solo trip stuffing your face. If you happen to be a lover of anime, one fun thing to do is visit real places that have shown up in anime you’ve seen.

3.     Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are a very popular vacation destination, with excellent food and stunning views. Honestly, you’ll probably meet a lot of solo travelers while you’re there, and as such, can make loads of new friends if you want. Apart from going island hopping to see the sights, you can visit museums, go bungee jumping, hiking, scuba diving, and even skydiving. If you want a quiet time to yourself, Naxos and Icaria are serene islands that will surely suit your tastes.

4.     Cuba

Cuba is colorful, exciting, and full of culture. If you are an extrovert, you will feel right at home in the frenzied atmosphere the nightlife brings. If you underestimate the amount of fun you’re about to have, you just might get overwhelmed. As an introvert, you can also find more secluded spots to enjoy beautiful beaches and the lack of light pollution.

5.     New Zealand

There’s no better place to have fun than a country you know you’re safe in, and New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. A breathtaking place with dazzling landscapes and an even better sky, with the southern lights in the winter months. It is a paradise on its own but its history and culture make the trip all the more meaningful. If you’re a lightweight, you should definitely prepare for many hangovers as alcohol is a big part of the country’s culture.

Take that trip!

Traveling the world is something many people want to do, but between everyday life and the question of whom to go with, many find themselves postponing travel plans.

However, you should stop waiting to find a travel partner before you go out to see the world. Take that trip today!

What’s so bad about going alone?