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Things to Avoid When You Go to Disneyland in California

by Julian Pierce
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Disneyland tips that just might save you

Disneyland is where your magical fantasies come alive. It does not matter what your age, gender, or race, Disneyland caters to everybody.

Things to avoid if you ever want to visit Disney.

We have done our research and compiled a list of things to avoid, so you do not have to go through them, and your experience can be magical.

1.     Never go to Disneyland in your car

There is simply not enough parking space for the number of people visiting Disneyland in California regularly, and those available are always in high demand. In order not to spend too long looking for a space to park, only to pay a high fee and miss out on part of the fun to be had, it’s better to avoid the trouble and use a shuttle ride or an Uber.

2.      Avoid lines and crowds (if you can)

While some of the most popular attractions will always be filled with guests waiting to make use of their services, you can have a better time if you choose a less crowded ride, instead of spending so much time under the sun, standing in line.

3.     Waiting to buy your ticket at the ticket booth

Just like our second reason, waiting to buy your ticket at the ticket booth will have you standing in line under the hot sun as people go buy you, tickets already in hand. Purchase your ticket in advance online.

4.     Eating before going on a ride

The absolute worst thing you can do is to eat just before going on a ride. Especially for those who have motion sickness and might get sick from the fast movements of the ride. You do not want to feel sick, and neither do you want to empty the contents of your stomach on other guests.

A popular question you’re probably asking is, “Can you take food into Disneyland?” The answer is yes, you can bring your own food but glass containers are banned.

A few Disneyland tips for you to have the best time

1.     Know the best time to visit Disneyland              

According to Survey, the best time to go to Disneyland would be from September to November. There are lesser crowds just before thanksgiving so that would mean that you get to enjoy your time spent there more without having to stay too long in line.

2.     Know what to bring to Disneyland                    

We have talked so much about the sun that it will not come as a shock when the first item we mention would be sunscreen with a hat as a close second. Other things you should bring are, comfortable walking shoes; Disneyland is too big for you to wear anything other than shoes that won’t hurt after a while. A power bank for your phone, hand sanitizer, first aid kid, an autograph book and so many other things.

Feel the magic

With how popular it is, it’s definitely necessary to have tips if you want to enjoy Disneyland. Pick out a time to go there and experience a lot of fun time that you will not be forgetting anytime soon.

Can you feel the magic?

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