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Best Chinese Dishes to Try in China

by Julian Pierce
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Bringing you the number one taste from China

China is known for being a huge country with numerous regions that differ in many aspects from dialect to culture and tradition.

There are eight culinary cuisines identified by Chinese chefs in China, and they are; Shandong Cuisine, Hunan and Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Zhejiang Cuisine, Jiangsu Cuisine, Anhui Cuisine, and Fujian Cuisine.

Food to Try

The different varieties that Chinese cuisine offers might prove difficult for a foreigner to understand, so we have put together a list of some yummy Chinese food to try when in China or in a classic Chinese restaurant.

1.     Dezhou Stewed Chicken

The Dezhou stewed chicken is a famous dish from the Shandong region. It is one of those dishes made by mistake that have turned out to be well known and enjoyed around the world. The chicken is coated in honey and malt sugar and then fried and stewed in soup for eight hours to soak up the wonderful flavors of the soup. The result is chicken that peels off the bone easily.

2.     Fried Pork With Chili

Fried pork with chili is a dish that originated in the Hunan region. The dish which is cooked with pork belly, a staple in the Chinese kitchen, is high in fat, which might not be the cup of tea for everyone, but when it is prepared correctly, it does not turn out greasy. The pork is fried in its fat and a bit of oil and then the vegetables are fried in the leftover fat, before adding the pork back with a little amount of soy sauce. It can be eaten on its own or as a topping.

3.     Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu is a popular spicy Chinese food that originated in the Sichuan Province. The Sichuan Cuisines are known for being spicy with their Sichuan peppercorn as the region’s preferred spice. Mapo tofu is made with medium firm tofu stewed in a spicy sauce. The original recipe should not be eaten by those who cannot handle spicy food unless you find a way to tweak it to your spice level.

4.     Steamed pork buns

The Chinese steamed pork buns is an original from the Cantonese Province. The dish is made by filling a preprepared dough with meat and/or vegetables which is then pleated to prevent it from falling apart and placed in a steamer. The buns can be eaten with specially made sauce or boiled in a soup dish. You can usually place an order for this Chinese food to go.

5.     Nanjing Salted Duck

Nanjing salted duck is a recipe from Jiangsu Province. The dish is made with the simplest of ingredients, easy enough for a new cook to follow. The marinade is made only with salt and peppercorn, which is rubbed all over the duck and then braised in stock with about 5 ingredients, yet it has managed to taste divine.

Trying new dishes should be your culture

Food is made to be savored, and the Chinese cuisines offer a wide variety with a dish available for every tastebud. Test your palette with the best Chinese dishes ever.

Will you be trying any of these meals?

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