Creepy Abandoned Places That Are Fun to Explore

From abandoned buildings to abandoned neighborhoods, get your creep on

Abandoned places usually come with creepy stories and for lovers of horror, visiting these places is considered better than watching a horror movie.

Some places have true history to offer, and others only have myth, but curious souls everywhere are drawn to these abandoned places all the same.

Places Left Behind

Here are some of the creepy abandoned places that one can still visit;

1.     Houtouwan: Shengshan Island, China

You know that scene in an apocalypse movie, where a character picks through the remnants of a place where humans haven’t lived for a long time and nature has taken over? You’re bound to get that feeling here. Houtouwan was abandoned in the 1990s and nature has reclaimed the land, covering the buildings in moss and wall-creeping plants. Want to feel like you’re the last man on earth? Try walking through this old village alone. It’s also free to visit!

2.     Paronella Park: Mena Creek, Queensland, Australia

Want to feel like you’ve stepped into another world? This castle forgotten by time is as beautiful as it is mystical, built by Spanish pastry chef Jose Paronella for his wife in the 1900s. There is a waterfall on the land, and that chef might as well have been a gardener because he had 7500 plants on the property, making for a small forest now. It is one of the most beautiful abandoned castles. You can camp here, but you have to pay to get in.

3.     Riverview Hospital (Place of the Great Blue Heron): Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Are you getting goosebumps? Cos I sure am. Everyone knows old-timey psychiatric hospitals are the stuff of horrors. Once you went in… there was no hope of getting out. This hospital, a location used in movies like “Deadpool 2” and “Watchmen”, was known back in the day for practices like electroshock therapy and sterilization. You’re not allowed in the buildings, but you can walk the grounds and question whether or not you see someone screaming for help from the windows.

4.     Hohenschönhausen Prison: Berlin

Can you hear someone screaming? It’s probably the lost echoes of one of the poor captives going crazy. In the 20th century, this prison was used by East Germany’s secret police to hold political prisoners. It was a terrible place with people suffering extreme isolation with no idea where they were. It’s particularly jarring since you can get a tour from a former prisoner.

5.     Hara Submarine Base: Harju County, Estonia

What’s scarier than an old military base where your mind can go on trips thinking of the things that happened there. This former Soviet submarine base is now only pier-like structures stretching out into the sea, but if you’re one with a hunger for the creeps, that is more than enough.

History and the creeps.

While these places are cool because they are creepy, and give you a surreal feeling, they are also chock-full of history.

So while you go chasing goosebumps, you just might learn something new.

Are you feeling the creeps yet?