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For most people, money is the number one reason why they are not traveling. If your vision of travel involves you staying in five-star hotels and eating at the most expensive restaurants, then you really need a lot of money. On the other hand, if you enjoy traveling more for the experience of seeing new places and experiencing new cultures, then you can do a lot on a small budget.

If you are willing to skip some creature comforts in favor of more travel time, then this post will show you how to travel on a budget. Here are the tips that will help you spend less when you travel.

  1. Book in advance.
  2. Become savvy at booking flights.
  3. Choose your destination wisely.
  4. Travel off-season.
  5. Travel light.
  6. Work while you travel.
  7. Cook your own meals.
  8. Use public transport.
  9. Ditch hotels in favor of hostels.
  10. Get recommendations from locals.
  11. Get a local SIM.
  12. Be disciplined.

Let’s get started


These days, it is possible to book flights up to a year in advance. What does that get you? Cheaper prices of course. Depending on how early you book, it’s not uncommon to pay just half the price compared to the prices a week to your departure date. As the flight dates get closer, they are bound to increase in price.


From using incognito mode on your browser to using a VPN, shopping for flight deals can be a science! You will have to get good at finding the best deals on flights if you want to travel on a budget. Compare deals across various sites like Google Flights, Skyscanner, and others. It’s no news that airlines offer different prices based on where the customer lives. Developing countries usually get better prices when compared to prices offered to US travelers. This is where your VPN comes in.


I know that you probably want to spend the summer in Monaco, go shopping in Rome and feast at the best restaurants in Paris. News flash, you don’t have to do all those things to have a great time traveling. The hot destinations are always expensive. Try other locations that may not be as glamorous but are sure to offer an amazing experience. Some options include Eastern Europe, South East Asia, South America, India, and Central Asia.


Traveling during the holidays when everyone else wants to travel won’t be fair on your wallet. Travel companies and airlines typically hike up their prices during these festive periods because of the increased demand. If you want to travel on a budget, then you are better off traveling when most of the world is busy at work. Although the weather may not be the best during these off-season periods, you won’t have to deal with crowds of tourists.


Traveling light is cheaper across the board and creates fewer headaches. You won’t have to pay extra for your extra bags or spend your time worrying about the safety of your belongings.


If you are willing to do some hard work while you travel, you could even come back from your trip richer than when you left. There are a plethora of options when it comes to finding work overseas. You could work as a waiter/waitress, you could work on a farm, you could teach English, you can do some babysitting or housesitting, or you could even work remotely as you travel. Granted, you are not going to get a flashy job, but anything that can supplement your travel expenses should be welcomed.


Cooking your own meals is a great way to save cost on food. It is not a bad idea to eat out, but it should be the exception rather than the norm. Depending on where you are staying, you may have access to a kitchen. Make use of it. Drinking water during meals is not only healthier for your body but for your wallet as well.


Renting a car, or the services of a driver for the duration of your trip will be supremely convenient and comfortable but it’s going to hurt your wallet. Always use public transport whenever you can, it’s the cheapest way to get around when you travel. You get to see the place from a perspective most tourists don’t get to experience.


Dorm rooms in hostels offer cheaper accommodation compared to staying in hotels. Although you may not have a room all to yourself, what you lose in privacy, you make up for in cost and meeting like-minded people. Hostels also come with shared kitchen spaces, so you can cook your favorite dishes.


Recommendations from locals are your best bet when it comes to finding the cheapest ways to do things when you travel. They will tell where to find the cheapest meals without compromising on quality, the cheapest means of transport and the cheapest accommodations available, and where to shop.


Instead of paying exorbitant roaming charges, why not get a local SIM and enjoy local deals for calls and data. Depending on the country, you are in, getting a sim will be smooth and stress-free.


Plan a budget and stick to it. Avoid impulse purchases or outings as much as you can, you don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country because you just couldn’t stop buying souvenirs. Follow your budget as strictly as possible, and avoid getting “caught up in the moment”.

Now you no longer have the excuse of “no money”. If you are able to utilize these tips to the max, you are sure to reduce your traveling cost by a lot. Do you have any experience traveling on a budget? How was the experience? Feel free to share your favorite tips with us. Go see the world, after all these travel photos aren’t going to take themselves. Cheers.


So, you are ready to embark on an adventure. You have waited all year, or even all your life for this very moment. You get to travel to that dream destination. Congratulations on making it all come together, you deserve it.

However, there is one minor hiccup; you know next to nothing about how to get memorable pictures of your adventure. You want to be able to take “Instagram-worthy” travel photos. Well, if you are reading this guide to travel photography, then you are definitely doing something right. Here, we will give you some tips on how to greatly improve your ability to take amazing travel photographs.

Travel photography is interesting as it is daunting. It encompasses a wide range of different genres of photography. Landscape photography, food photography, street photography, wildlife photography and even portrait photography all come together in travel photography. No worries though, at the end of this travel photography guide, you will be ready to capture those magical moments.

Here’s a list of the tips we will be going over in this guide

  1. Know your camera.
  2. Plan your shots.
  3. Try a different perspective.
  4. Get a tripod.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask people for permission.
  6. Be Patient.
  7. Get in your shots.
  8. Safety tips.
  9. Back up your photos.
  10. Learn to edit your photos.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Know Your Camera

You have most likely heard the saying, “The best camera is the one you have on you”. If you have a proper DSLR camera, Great! But if your budget doesn’t allow for it and all you have is your mobile phone, that’s plenty! You don’t need the best camera to get amazing shots. Today’s phones are pretty damn good. So, don’t feel intimidated when you see other photographers lug around their chunky rigs.

Whatever camera you have, be it a DSLR or a mobile phone, you have to understand how it works. You have to know how to operate it to get the most out of it. Before you start taking any pictures, spend time studying your camera. Dive into the menus, and become comfortable changing your settings as the occasion demands.

Learn about the exposure triangle (ISO, Aperture, and shutter). Learn about framing and composition. Above all, don’t forget to practice! Before your trip, go out and take some pictures with your camera. Getting comfortable with your gear is important if you want to get those great shots.

Plan Your Shots

This is very key if you want to catch those epic sunlit shots. You ought to plan your shots around the rising and setting of the sun. This will help you know the best time of the day to get the shot you want. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a weather expert to figure out the movement of the sun wherever you are. Running a simple Google search is all the expertise you need.

You can look to the work of other photographers for inspiration, but don’t forget to put your own unique spin on those photos. That brings us to the next point…..

Try a Different Perspective

Recreating the photos of others is cool, but how about taking a picture that is uniquely yours? Here’s a tip to help you take common pictures in a new and fresh way; try a different perspective. A different perspective may simply be trying new angles, laying on the ground, or even climbing a tree (be careful).

Get a Tripod

Tripods are criminally underrated when it comes to travel photography. Yes, I know that you want to travel light and would rather not carry a tripod around. No worries, you can get a very light tripod that will take up very little space.

How else are you to get that clean shot of yourself when there is literally no one else around to help you? A tripod.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for permission

If you see a local doing something interesting and you want to get a picture of them, all you have to do is ask. More often than not, the locals are warm and welcoming to tourists. Even if they say no, at least you tried. That’s way better than not trying at all and missing out on an opportunity to get an awesome shot.

Be Patient

Sometimes all you need to do to get that perfect shot is patience. An area may be too crowded, or the sun may not be in the right position just yet. Just wait a few minutes and voila!

Get in your shots

Getting a picture of a beautiful landscape is great but what if you were in the picture, imagine how much more personal and memorable that picture will be.

Safety Tips

Nothing screams “I am a tourist” like someone walking around with a camera in hand and a backpack in tow. Be careful, if possible, move around with a guide, preferably a local. You can also use a discrete camera bag to avoid attracting the wrong crowd. Remember, you are in someone else’s country. Be mindful of how things are done and you will be safe.

Getting insurance for your camera gear is also a great idea. This way, should anything happen to your equipment, you will be covered.

Backup your Photos

At the end of every day, make it a point of duty to back up your photos. You can always replace a stolen or missing camera but your memories in the form of images can’t be replaced. Travel with sufficient storage for the images you want to take. You can also try cloud storage.

Learn to Edit your Photos

Sorry to burst your bubble but most of the great pictures you see online have been edited at least a little bit. You will have to learn how to use photo editing software like Lightroom and Photoshop to help make your pictures more visually interesting.

There you have it guys, those tips are sure to get you from a novice to at least a decent, if not a great travel photographer. Before you go on your way, there is one more thing I will like to tell you guys.

And that is……don’t forget to put down the camera. Yes, you want to get awesome pictures to share with others, but don’t forget why you traveled in the first place. Except you are being paid to take pictures, experiencing the moments for yourself should be your priority. Don’t be so focused on trying to get the perfect shot that you forget to actually enjoy the moment. Cheers.


Just walk out the door, walk up to a random person and ask them if they have ever dreamt of traveling the world. Chances are that they are most likely going to respond in the affirmative. Walk up to some other people and ask the same question. After some time, you will conclude that we have all wanted to travel the world at some point in our lives. However, only a few people actually go out there and travel the world.

To those reading this article, we surely hope that you become one of the lucky few who actually get to see Mother Earth in all her glory. In this article, we will be going over the core tenets of a trip around the world. We will intimate you with some tips to help you start planning and hopefully help you complete your round-the-world trip.

Here is a list of what we will be going over in this article.

  1. Transportation.
  2. Money.
  3. Accommodation.
  4. Food.
  5. Gear.
  6. Documents.


Asides, from money and accommodation, transport is usually a major concern when one thinks about traveling the world. Well, transportation is pretty much a non-issue in most parts of the world. For transport, you get to choose between air, train, bus and even boats. Let’s take a much closer look at these options.


Most people are going to prefer the air option because it is more convenient and faster, although it may be the most expensive of the bunch. If you want to travel the world by air, you have two options. First, you can buy flights from country to country as you go along. Secondly, you can go for a “round-the-world ticket (this is the cheaper option).

To get a Round-the-world (RTW) ticket, airline alliances are your best bet. The biggest airline alliances are Star Alliance, OneWorld, and Skyteam. Going for an RTW ticket lets you pay for all your trips at once. The cost of an RTW ticket depends on your route, class of fare, mileage, and the number of stops. Prices can range from anywhere between $1500 and $15000.

RTW tickets are great for those who are willing to fly on a set schedule or are buying tickets for a large group. If you do not have a set plan and want to take your time in exploring the different parts of the world then an RTW ticket may not be for you.


Trains are another mode of transport to consider. They may not be as far as planes but they let you enjoy the scenery as you travel. For travel in the EU, you can get passes for either the Eurail or Interrail. For travel in Asia, go for the Trans-Siberian railway.


In the US, you can use the Greyhound line. For European travel, Eurolines is the way to go.

Boat Cruise

World cruises are neither the fastest nor cheapest buy they offer a very unique experience. Prices can range from between $20,000 up to $100,000 per person. So, if you got extra cash lying around and time (sometimes up to 6 months), a world cruise will be an awesome experience.


If you are a millionaire then money is no object and you can probably do whatever you want. But if you are like the rest of us, you will have to pay close attention to your finances, if you want to successfully travel around the world.

Money management for your trip all starts with a budget. First, figure out where you are going to visit and plan your budget around that. Plan for your accommodation, transportation, food, gear, travel insurance, calls, internet, vaccines, visas, and bank fees. How much you end up spending will depend on how much luxury or lack thereof you are willing to endure.

Check out this article where a budget of $35,000 was enough for two backpackers traveling the world over a period of 18 months.


There are a plethora of options to choose from as far as accommodation is concerned. Again, if you have all the money in the world then you can afford 5-star accommodation wherever you go. But if you are on a budget, you have a lot of options.

Hostels and guesthouses are going to be your go-to for most of the trip. In some countries, you may have to book ahead, while you don’t have to in others. Couchsurfing is another idea. If you don’t mind spending time in someone’s house and sharing meals with them and their family, then you can give CouchSurfing a shot.

Another alternative is to offer your services in exchange for accommodation. Other options include sleeping on the night bus, sleeping at airports, or even in tents (on campgrounds).


Part of the pleasure of traveling the world is the joy of experiencing new cuisine. Hopefully, you don’t have a weak stomach, so you can enjoy a variety of dishes wherever you go.

Be sure to do the bare minimum of washing your hands and eating from places where other people (locals) are eating. If you come across a restaurant where there are lots of people, that is a good sign because people typically flock to places where the food is good.

Above all, remain open-minded, and give new dishes a shot. Who knows, you may come across your new favorite dish.


The first decision you will make when it comes to gear is deciding between a backpack or a suitcase. For most people, you can’t beat the flexibility of a backpack. Depending on the type of trip you are having, you may not need to carry a lot with you.

For those who are affluent, just packing your clothes and camera gear is usually enough. For backpackers and people on a budget, you will have to lug around more stuff. These include cooking equipment, sleeping equipment, and a host of other things.


Your passport is the key that unlocks doors. However, some countries will require a stronger key (visas). For a lot of countries, you can get a visa on the spot. For others. It can be more complicated. Just do your research.

There you have it guys. So, what did you think about our travel around the world guide? Did we cover all the important points? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Cheers.


On a regular day, managing kids as a parent is no easy feat. So, you wouldn’t be wrong if you assumed that traveling with kids can be a nightmare, that is if you do not plan properly. How then does one prepare and plan when traveling with kids?  This article aims to show you how to travel with kids such that your trip leans more towards a fun experience than a nightmare. Here are the tips we will go over in this article.

  1. Book way ahead of time.
  2. Prepare mentally.
  3. Involve your kids in the planning process.
  4. Avoid rushing.
  5. Travel as light as possible.
  6. Carry healthy snacks.
  7. Keep devices charged and loaded with kid-friendly content.
  8. Be ready to clean up any mess.
  9. Explore the outdoors.
  10. Give the kids adequate playtime.
  11. Make the trip fun for everyone.
  12. Go for accommodation with a kitchen.
  13. Limit the buying.
  14. Don’t stray too far from your home routine.
  15. Do a practice run.

Let’s dive in


Waiting two weeks or a week to your trip before booking flights and accommodation isn’t a great idea. This is especially true if you plan to travel during the holidays; at the same time as everyone else. Make your bookings as early as possible so you can get amazing deals on flights and top-notch family accommodation.


If this is your first time traveling with kids, brace yourself! It will be very different from your other trips. Don’t expect things to be the same. Do your best to stay as clear-headed as possible. If peradventure you were to fall into a funk of negative emotions, it will definitely rub off on your kids. Stay calm and cheerful irrespective of the disappointments and hurdles you face along your journey.


This is a great way to get your kids excited about the trip. Ask them where they want to go, and what they plan to do when they get there. This will encourage them to do their own research and hopefully get the most out of the trip.


Do whatever you can to avoid rushing. Leave your home early for your flight. Avoid typical airport rush hours. An idea is to book a flight for late morning or early afternoon when there is little or no traffic at the airport. The last thing you want is to be late for a flight with a kid in tow who is also throwing a tantrum.


You don’t have to carry the kitchen sink when you travel. Always travel light, pack the bare minimum. You can always buy stuff, should you need anything when you get to your destination. Remember you are going to keep an eye on your kids throughout the trip. More luggage is just more things to worry about.


This will especially come in handy during those long road trips or flights. Be sure to avoid snacks that can induce any form of allergic reactions in not just your kids but other kids that may cross your path.


This is also a great way to keep your kids occupied during those long trips. The more time they get watching their favorite cartoon, the less time they have to cry at the top of their lungs for absolutely no reason.


If your kids are still pretty young, then an unexpected vomit fest is possible. Be sure to bring along paper towels, plastic bags, and any other bit of kit you may need to clean up the mess. Don’t forget to pack a change of clothes for you and your kid.


If your kids love the outdoors, give them all the room they need to explore. Go for a swim in a lake with your kids, let them play with the animals. These activities are sure to engage their minds.


Yes, you are on a trip in an exotic location and your child just wants to play games on your mobile phone. Indulge them. Give them time to do what they would normally do back home for play.


I know that left to yourself, you would probably spend the entire trip visiting museums and visiting religious sites. Kids on the other hand quickly get bored by history lessons. Be sure to include activities that your kids will enjoy. Something like cooking or art classes can be a fun experience for you and your kids.


Your kids may or may not like the local food during the trip. In the event that they don’t, having a kitchen where you can quickly put together a meal will be a blessing.


Your kids are going to want you to buy any and everything for them, don’t fall for it. Keep the buying of souvenirs to a minimum as they can take up precious luggage real estate.


A form of routine like going to bed at a particular time and having meals at specific times similar to what you do back at home will help your kids feel relaxed.


Before you go all out to that far away exotic location, why not go for a weekend getaway at someplace local. This will help you familiarize yourself with the process of traveling with kids.

There you have it, be sure to employ these tips in making that family trip one to remember. Family trips can be a great opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to enjoy every moment of it, come what may. So, what do you think about these tips? Do you have other tips of yours that you will like to share? We will love to hear from you. Cheers.

Budget travel, will this work realistically, why not try it once?

Traveling enthuse people and is one of the best pastimes. The key purpose of traveling is to let you free on this journey. It is time to collect memories.

What is budget or cheap travel?
Travel is one thing that people believe goes beyond their capacity. Traveling is a venture, and so travel is cheap. Even if you are rich, considering budget travel is fun.

Here are some tested tips to plan budget travel:

Plan- Spontaneous traveling is fun, but it may require more luxury money, and time to spare. Traveling cheap or on a budget is best as you plan. No need to plan an itinerary for every hour, but it is necessary to have an idea of the time you will spend in each country or city. Planning includes a few unexpected expenses.
Off-season– Traveling off-season is one of the best ways to travel cheaply. It is ideal to travel before or after the best seasons of your intended destination. The off-season ensures you enjoy a great trip. Known as ‘shoulder season,’ the burden will be less on your shoulders.
Fly smart- Travel on weekdays and book return tickets before you start. Airline’s flight seat booking in advance ensures low cost. Fly economy, and no matter, how the business class looks, you need not upgrade. Look for airlines offering budget travel and saving money.
Accommodation – Look for hostel dorm rooms or share a room dividing the costs. Look for practical choices to stay in an apartment or a local person’s house. Reach out to people, some long-lost school friend or cousin, the right time to catch up and stay. However, do not stay free, do something suitably right.
Proper packing– Bring everything to avoid shopping on the way. A pair of jeans, waterproof jacket, warm hoodie, shoes, etc. Check the destination place and pack accordingly.
Public transport– Trains and buses favor cheap travel over planes. Overnight train traveling means you save the cost of a one-night hostel stay.
No overspending– Visit the supermarket for cheap lunches or a local fresh food market. Wander around before settling for a dinner spot. Pick the place to eat that suits your waistline and wallet. If possible, cook for yourself and save some money.

Travel concept with low budget

What is to be on Budget Travel –A GUIDE?
Budget travel requires you to look for cheap travel options. Money is required while traveling, and learning to spend involving a careful itinerary helps minimize unwanted expenses.
Start with:
Budget transportation– The destination decides your travel budget. Note major transportation costs; look for economical and convenient options. The cheapest option alone is not the consideration. You should see your convenience.
Budget accommodation– Check for accommodations on the internet, for hostels, shared options, or budget-oriented hotels. Ensure the accommodation comes with at least one meal. Consider hostels with kitchen options.
Budget Activity– Roaming around the destination involves participating in activities. There may be entry fees and it is not harsh on your wallet. Take your call; do not focus on cheap travel to tighten your budget at all times. A few mementos will not matter much but buy within the limit.
Eating Out– The exact food expenditure figures are hard to estimate. Use the best judgment to arrive at the food budget. Check for rentals featuring attached kitchens. It helps fix occasional dinners and breakfast that saves the best cost.

Budget Travel
Getting around within budget gives the best feel. It may include a few good options, such as Walking. An ideal way of getting around the city is on foot, and consider going on free walking tours.

Hiring a two-wheeler is one of the best traveling options. Bike rentals are cost-effective for budget travel as the best economical option and ideal for efficient traveling.

Hitchhike. It is ideal to save money. Solo or couples may consider hitchhiking. Some may ask for a minimal amount. However, the other transport modes include cycling, public transport, student discounted options, sharing cabs, etc.

Budget Travel Stay
Accommodation cost is the major cost. There are budget travel options to accommodate:
Hostels– It is apt for budget travelers, and the dormitory-style works on sharing mode. These hostels offer lockers, Wi-Fi, and more amenities. Consider your travel needs
Airbnb– These are also cheaper options. Airbnb offers are real grab-on offers, saving hundreds.
Couchsurfing– Stay with some locals and enjoy their culture. The online portal caters to travelers over the globe. It is mostly free; get your host some gift as a goodwill gesture.
Hospitality exchange– It is almost the same as Couchsurfing, but the accommodation is for a benefit provided in exchange.
Stay with friends– Ideal to stay with relatives or friends. It is a good option, and if you have the same wavelength, it will be awesome. However, remember not to prioritize your privacy.

Budget Travel Food
Look for street food of decent quality in a hygienic environment and consider authentic local cuisine. Self-catering is one of the options. Go for local food, it works cheaper. Supermarkets are affordable food options. If a kitchen is available, you can cook food and ready- to-cook foods and save on them.

Avoid being choosy about food, but ensure good quality food. Eat at the right time; do not skip your breakfast, meals, or dinner. Drink water regularly to stay hydrated. Say no to big restaurants and crowded places to eat, as you will waste time and money.

Budget travel helps keep expenses low. You can earn money while traveling. It is to reduce expenses and honor your traveling via cheap affordable options. Eating cheap does not mean eating poor-quality food.

Traveling is like meditation. The less you spend, the more you can travel. Sticking to traveling cheap allows stretch money and to keep going. You can opt to travel by city buses and trains. It is a cheaper option. You get to know more about the country, lifestyle, and culture.

How about considering this budget travel guide and stepping out into the world to explore?