Japan Proves That They Live In 3018 With These 10 Amazing Pictures

Japan is been as the most developed countries in the world while there are many countries who are still developing, Japan proved that they do their work in passion which can make any country envy for their fastest way of bringing innovative things for the country. Here are some incredible things which we will only see in Japan which proves that they don’t live in 2018 but in 3018.

Rice Paddy Art

Planting rice padding with the famous image is something we haven’t seen it anywhere and we are getting this to see in Japan explains there creativity.

Mini MacDonald


We have a mini combo burger pack, mini house, well everything in a mini but this is something we haven’t seen is the Mini MacDonald that could be easy for taking out.

Capsule Hotel

Well if you are traveling to Japan you don’t have to worry about hotels and rented house because they have the most accommodative capsule hotel for the visitors.

Indoor Waterpark

Waterparks are very famous in the world but Japan has is somewhat intrigued us with its unique waterpark where they have a dome shape to cover the sun so that people should enjoy it without the heat.