10+ Times Kids Realized Their Parents Were Cooler Than Them

A lot of us are obsessed with vintage stuff nowadays, from clothes to music to generally wishing we had grown up in the 60s. We often forget, however, that our dear old parents were the ones who started all those trends we now admire.

Internet users are now sharing photos of their parents when they were young and hip, and it’s pretty much safe to say that they were about a hundred times cooler than us. Maybe it was all the psychedelic rock, Mustangs, and mullets. Maybe it was the fact that, as one user commented, they “played outside and didn’t have memes.” Either way, the days of peace and love certainly look a lot more blissful than where we’re at now.

Scroll down to take a walk back in time, and if you’ve got photos of your parents looking too cool for school, add them to our list.

#1 My Mother Skateboarding Barefoot In California In 1974


#2 I Found A Photo Of My Dad Cooking A Barbecue On Top Of A Moving Submarine



#3 My Dad Sculpting A Bust Of My Mom 1980s


#4 A Friend Of My Father’s, Telling Off A Klan Member. Auburn AL, 1985


#5 My Dad Skateboarding At Hyde School 1982. I Think He Was Cooler Than Me