Tragic Footage Shows Orangutan Trying To Fight Off Bulldozers To Save His Home

We decorate our rooms wonderfully. We call our house – ‘home sweet home’. Out of all the worries in our lives, protecting our shelter remains an utmost one. And we know it’s the same for all people across the world. A shelter is one of our basic needs and we do our best to keep it well – renovating, paying taxes and protecting it as much as we can. But do we do the same for every living being out there? We clearly don’t. As humans, we have grown selfish and only think about ourselves. But the world is not ours for the taking. We have a lot of animal friends living with us in the leftover forests of the world. It’s time we become considerate and try to understand how they value their own homes as well.

The Killer – Deforestation

Deforestation is the crime that takes away homes of thousands of animals. It has been found out that about 6,000 orangutans are dying due to our interference with their habitat as we cut down trees for palm oil. This simple household product has thus become a motive for us to murder thousands of innocent animals. Let this news sink in! Wildlife activists are trying their best to keep a check on this rapid rate of deforestation but they really can’t do much. Therefore, sometimes, revolution comes from the jungle. The footage from International Animal Rescue brings out exactly that – a single orangutan trying its best to protect his home from a bunch of loggers.

A Voice of Rebellion

The short clip, taken in 2013, has only recently come to the surface. The location is Sungai Putri forest in Borneo, Indonesia. This orangutan comes out of all the destruction that the loggers have already caused and approaches the bulldozer quite aggressively. In a final attempt to save whatever is left of his home, it smacks the metal bucket, and before getting hurt, it jumps down and frantically escapes. An animal’s palm couldn’t do much damage to the metal body but it’s enough to make us realize the damage we cause all over the world. Just for some daily necessity of ours whose alternative is much more environment friendly.


Thankfully, an animal welfare group has caught hold of the escaping orangutan and rescued it. But he can no longer return to his home – it’s no longer there. As many charities have previously said, because of this increasing deforestation and loss of homes, these animals start entering the grounds of human habitation in search of shelter and this leads to conflicts. Do we reserve the right to complain when they do enter our habitats? This clip shows the perfect example of a desperate animal trying to seek out shelter from a killer machine that has just destroyed his home. Would it really be surprising if he came into any of our own human areas during his search?

The Responsibility is Ours Too

It’s time that we stop blaming others and start looking at our own selves. The problem with the orangutans is not something natural, it starts with us and we are the ones who should be able to solve it. In Indonesia, and many other rainforests in the world, Orangutans are facing such suffering. But I know you don’t want them to go through it. And despite all the awareness and the attempts of the activists, the World Wildlife Fund has noted that the population of orangutans has gone down by half in the past 60 years. 55 percent of their natural homes have also perished in the last 20 years. Is it really that hard to believe it? We can’t avert our eyes from statistics and facts anymore. We need to accept it.

This is wrong, and even you know it. It’s time we own up to our responsibilities. We are considerate – let’s extend our kindness to our animal neighbours. We should begin by taking action against these atrocities happening all over the world. Support Internal Animal Rescue and similar organizations which voice their concerns over these issues. Share this article and make sure it reaches all your friends. Awareness of a problem is the beginning of finding a solution to it. We can save the world, if we all try to do it – together.

Featured Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Source: thewarriorsjournal