After Watching How Jelly Based Sweets Are Made You Will NEVER Eat Them Again

Remember those Jelly Babies everyone ate as a child? After seeing how they’re made, no one will EVER want to eat jelly based sweets again!

Most people probably ate jelly based sweets at some point in their life. Jelly babies, gummy bears, snakes, etc. Well, they may not even want to go near them after they see how they get made.

They probably know that they’re made from gelatin, but this short film from Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens will show them where that gelatin comes from. It’s not just sweets either, foods such as marshmallows, candy corn, trifles, and other deserts also use gelatin in their production. Gelatin is everywhere. It’s even in shampoos, face masks, and cosmetic products.

What’s in Gelatin?

The video shows how gelatin is made in reverse from the wrapped candies, all the way back to the living pig. It is produced directly from the skin of pigs and mixed with sugar and flavoring to get the sweets that so many children (and adults) love and eat today. Other ingredients include tendons, ligaments, bones, fish by-products and other bovine hides, mainly cows. Take a look for yourself at this eye-opening clip.

Will I ever be able to eat sweets again?


Not all hope is lost. Understandably, you may not want to eat these sweets again. However, there are many vegan substitutes that taste almost the same. One of the most popular substitutes is agar, a gelatin-like substance obtained from algae which are far less horrifying than the pig gelatine you are probably more used to eating. I am not a vegan.

However, this short film has put me off jelly based sweets for a very long time! To think that’s where something so sweet comes from is terrifying. These innocent sweets which were once a sugary treat at the weekend have turned into a grim nightmare which I’ll never be able to look at the same again.