20+ Powerful Pictures That Show The Speed Of Time

Today we take dozens of photos every day and don’t even appreciate them. Photographs are not only a way to save a memory but also a chance to see how fast the time goes by. When you try to recreate an old picture, you can see exactly what has changed.

We have chosen 24 pictures that show the speed of time.

“Since 2012, we have been taking the same photos.”

© AlienaRa / Pikabu -Via

“My parents eloped 25 years ago and recreated their wedding photos to celebrate their anniversary”


© ghinding / Twitter -Via

“51 inches apart”

© pigalizza / Pikabu -Via

“1988–2018. The box didn’t change much but my father’s hair has gone silver.”

© oklahomazhopamir / Pikabu -Via

They grow too fast.