17 Young Actors Who Played Popular Characters: How Do They Look Now?

#14 Forrest from Forrest Gump

Michael Conner Humphreys and Tom Hanks

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This movie stars the great Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump. This film shows that Forrest is not an intelligent guy, but he accidentally led to many historical events. However, the love of his life, Jenny Curran keeps on avoiding him. Michael Conner Humphreys plays his role as the young Forrest Gump.

#15 Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins

Gus Lewis and Christian Bale

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Who does not know about the story of great Bruce Wayne as the Batman? Well, if somebody does not know then they need to know that in this movie, Batman finishes his training and comes back to his city to defend the Gotham City from the League of Shadows. This film stars Gus Lewis as the young Bruce Wayne and Christian Bale as the adult.

#16 Chev Chalios from Crank

William Brent and Jason Statham

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This movie shows story of a professional hitman who finds out that one his rivals has injected him with a deadly poison. He will die the heart rate decreases. Now, he has to take his revenge and find a way to survive. William Brent acts as the young Chev Chelios and Jason Statham acts as the old one.

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