17 Young Actors Who Played Popular Characters: How Do They Look Now?

#10 Jane from Jane Eyre

Amelia Clarkson and Mia Wasikowska

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This movie shows the story of mousy governess trying to soften the heart of a man who is her employer. She is doing it because she has come to know that her boss is hiding some terrible sort of secret. Amelia Clarkson plays her role as the young Jane while Mia Wasikowska acts as the adult Jane in this movie.

#11 Evan Treborn from The Butterfly Effect

John Patrick and Ashton Kutcher

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A guy named Evan Treborn goes through the blackouts amid important events of life. While growing up, he discovers a method to remember the memories he lost and a miraculous way to change his life. John Patrick acts as the young Evan while Ashton Kutcher plays the role of grownup one,


#12 Murph from the Interstellar

Mackenzie Foy and Jessica Chastain

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Interstellar is an epic Sci-fi movie. An explorer team goes through the wormhole of space to save the entire human kind. The director of the movie along with the co-writer is Christopher Nolan. Mackenzie Foy acts as the young Murph and Jessica Chastain play her role as the adult Murph.

#13 Tom Riddle from Harry Potter

Christian Coulson and Ralph Fiennes

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A boy whose uncle and aunt don’t take care of him chases his destiny and becomes a great magician and hero of Hogwarts, the school of Magic. In this move, Daniel Redcliff is the Harry Potter, and his worst enemy is Voldemort, we also know him by the name of Tom Riddle. Christian Coulson acts as the young Tom Riddle, and Ralph Fiennes acts as the old one.