17 Young Actors Who Played Popular Characters: How Do They Look Now?

#6 Nemo from Mr. Nobody (Teenager)

Toby Regbo and Jared Leto

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Mr. Nobody is a sci-fi drama that shows a kid, who is standing on the platform of the train station and he has to decide whether he wants to go with his mom or his dad. He has now infinite possibilities. Toby Regbo plays the role of Nemo as the 15 years old.

#7 Nemo from Mr. Nobody (Young)

Thomas Byrne and Jared Leto

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Anything could happen as long as the boy (Nemo) does not make his final decision. The director of this film is Jaco Van. Thomas Byrne plays his role as the nine years old Nemo, and Jared Leto plays his role as the adult Nemo.


#8 Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30

Christa Brittany Allen and Jennifer Garner

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It is a comedy movie starring Christa Allen as the young Jenna Rink and the Jennifer Garner as the adult one. In this way, a girl named Jenna Rink wishes on the 13th birthday. The next day, when she wakes up, it turns out that she is 30 years old now.

#9 Adam Webber from Blast From the Past

Douglas Smith and Brendan Fraser

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This movie is a romantic comedy film showing a naïve guy who remains in the nuclear shelter for almost 35 years and then returns to the world. In this move, Douglas Smith plays his role as the Adam Webber when he is young. Brandan Fraser then picks up the role of grownup Adam Webber.