16 Mysterious Photos (That Should NOT Exist)

4. 9/11 Attack Suspicious Survivor


In this photo, a lady is standing on the edge of the devastated South Tower as it was hit by a plane in the infamous 9/11 deplorable terrorist assault. Waving and likely calling for help, the lady clearly survived the underlying attack, yet it is indistinct how she made it or what happened to her after.

3. Strange Extra Thumb


A weird picture reveals that a number of children got together to take a photograph however what they found in the captured picture was astonishing! There was a secretive thumb by the child remaining behind the others that does not appear to have a place with anybody. The individual who took this photo asserts that there is no clarification with regards to whom the strange thumb belongs to.

2. Strange Elisa Lam Death



Another unpleasant story that occurred in Los Angeles, the demise of Elisa Lam has been a secret since it occurred in 2013. A young student, Lam was discovered dead in a housetop water tank at the Hotel Cecil where she was living.

While it’s not by any stretch of the imagination known how she got onto the rooftop which was blockaded around then, there is an extremely odd video film demonstrating her in the lodging’s lift upon the arrival of her vanishing. In the recording, Lam is seen leaving and re-entering the lift, talking and motioning in the passage outside, and once in a while appearing to hide inside the lift, the elevator itself seems to be peculiarly breaking down.

1. Unbelievable Cell Phone Discovery


On film from a Charlie Chaplin’s limited time film shot in 1928, with the name of “The Circus” there is a lady who seems, by all accounts, to be talking into a cell phone of modern times. Obviously, back in the 1920’s cell phones were yet to be designed. But still, even the woman’s motions and conduct is frightfully commonplace to what we see everywhere these days.

Source: Tapoos