16 Mysterious Photos (That Should NOT Exist)

8. Hess Dalen Lights


Since the 1940’s, potentially prior, there has been a weird light wonder saw in the Hessdalen Valley, Norway. The exhibition has a type of white or yellow light of obscure beginning standing or gliding over the ground level. In the vicinity of 1981 and 1984, the lights were seen up to 20 times each week yet have definitely lessened in recurrence from that point forward to around 10– 20 times each year. In spite of progressing research and various working speculations, there is no persuading clarification regarding the starting point of these lights.

7. Blueberry Shaped Microscopic Formations


Mars Exploration Rover in 2004 recognized odd blueberry molded tiny developments in the Martian soil. We don’t know precisely what this is however some say it could be an indication of water existing on Mars. This still remains one of the most bizarre discovery which has never been clarified.


6. Time Travelling Hipster


In a photo gone up against the event of the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia in 1941, a claimed time traveler can be seen. It was guaranteed that his apparel and shades were from present day and not of the styles worn in the 1940s.

The camera that the man is grasping likewise looks improperly modern and certainly not for that period. As the photograph turned into a web sensation on the internet as of late, the man is presently regularly alluded to as time-traveling hipster.

5. Battle Los Angeles


This photo was captured in about 1942 when the waterfront batteries at Los Angeles, California abruptly opened up at ‘something’ in the sky. Many individuals revealed seeing US planes noticeable all around however the authorities guaranteed that the planes never took off. Some believe it was a Japanese strike yet no airplanes were brought down. Authorities guaranteed that it was only in emergency in case the war started however most didn’t purchase the story.