16 Mysterious Photos (That Should NOT Exist)

12. Is NASA hiding Pyramids on the Moon?


This picture was taken by Apollo 17 in December 1972 amid its flight to the Moon close to the territory known as Geophone Rock. NASA recorded this picture as “blank”. However, subsequent to modifying the photograph, you can see that isn’t totally clear. Turning up the differentiation, a pyramidal structure can be watched. NASA has never given a tenable variant of the issue which has prompted a few theories about what else can really be on the Moon, covered up for public disclosure.

11. Watertown Ghosts


The story goes that James Courtney and Michael Meehan were returning back in the wake of cleaning a freight on the S.S. Watertown when they were devoured by gas exhaust and they capitulated to death. They were covered at the ocean. What is fascinating is the thing that trailed this. The impressions of these two men’s faces were seen here for quite a while.

10. Freddy Jackson Group Picture



In 1919, Freddy Jackson was unintentionally executed by a plane propeller while acting as a flight mechanic. After two days, his squadron took a gathering photograph however when the photograph was produced, Freddy Jackson was in the photograph. The stunned group affirmed that the man in the photograph was without a doubt, Freddy Jackson. Truth be told, the photo was gone up against an indistinguishable day from Jackson’s burial service was held. It is trusted that Jackson’s soul was ignorant of his passing and appeared to have his photo taken as planned.

9. Babushka Lady


The Babushka Lady is a code name for an obscure lady seen amid the 1963 death of President John F. Kennedy. As she supposedly was holding a camera, she may have captured the occasions just before the death.

Despite the fact that the shooting had effectively occurred and the greater part of her encompassing witnesses sought shelter, she can be seen as yet remaining with the camera at her face. Neither she, nor the film she may have taken, has yet been emphatically distinguished.