14 Amazing Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People

#4 How to keep AC Unit clean

Tape a dryer sheet over your AC unit to get rid of a weird smell in your room. Alternatively, you can just do this if you simply want a nice smell in your room.

#3 Smart way to clean your bathroom

Keep a bathroom cleaner and sponge inside your shower. By this way, you can spend a few minutes cleaning up a bit, every time you take a shower.

I’m sure next coming ideas will prove to be useful for lazy home-makers


#2 Those who don’t have washing machine

If you don’t have a washing machine and any clean underwear. Also, if you are too lazy to go to the laundromat, this creative tip will help you a lot. Just wash your underwear by hand while you’re in the shower and feel relaxed…

#1 Here’s a tip on how you can prevent soap scum build-up:

Soap scum is caused by the paraffin in your bar soap, so switch it out for some liquid or gel soap, or anything synthetic-based, and this way you can prevent building up that soap scum.


Source: bloggersarena