14 Amazing Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People

Some creative ideas by lazy people for lazy people….

#14 5 minute microwave cleaner

Fill a ceramic cup or a glass bowl with water and some half-cut lemons. Microwave it for a few minutes until the water boils. Then wipe it down with a cloth.

#13 Blender Cleanser

You made yourself a smoothie but now you don’t feel like disassembling the blender to clean it. Don’t feel hard, as I have come up with a useful tip for you.


Just fill your jar with water and a few drops of dish soap and blend thoroughly. Dump that soapy water, then fill the blender again with plain water and blend again.

#12 Pans and Pots Cleanser

To remove the built-up scorching in a pan or pots in your kitchen, just fill them with equal parts of water and vinegar. Let them boil and then, take the pan off the heat and add two tablespoons of baking soda. Then, empty the pan in the sink and scrub away. See! you have a clean and shining pan.

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#11 Cloudy Glasses

The mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water works as a miracle for cloudy glasses. Just spray cloudy glasses with that mixture and wipe using a paper towel.