10 Organization Hacks from the Japanese

1. Grid Panels

Need to get maximum storage in every cabinet? Pick up some wire grid panels and attach them inside your cabinet doors with adhesive hooks, and you can use them to attach bins and baskets to hold things like baggies, plastic wrap, and sponges.


2. Plastic Bins in the Fridge & Freezer

I don’t know about you, but I need this particular organization DIY. Use plastic bins in the fridge or freezer to keep things neat. Package foods in plastic bags, and you can even use binder clips to keep bags closed AND provide a space for labeling each item.


3. Got Big Drawers?

Got large drawers in your kitchen? Even if you don’t, you can find plenty of useful plastic bins to store cups, coasters, dish towels, large utensils and more. Keeping things organized this way makes everything easy to find and can help maximize the space.


4. Pack Towels Tight

In your bathroom, fold towels tightly and pack them into — you guessed it — more bins. Stack the bins on a shelf or under the sink. You can even install a shelf above your bathroom door or mirror to maximize the wall space.