The Artist Creates Hilarious Comics Portraying What Her Life Looks Like Since She Has Met Her “Giant Nerd Boyfriend”

Women love dating a giant nerd man. ANd why not? They give a protective feel, are simply extremely good looking, instead of people pointing out to the girl that she’s too short for him, they will always address “Wow! he’s really tall!” He is like a giant teddy bear and you easily fit into the arms of your giant nerd boyfriend. No doubt, you get a stiff neck looking romantically into the eyes of the giant nerd man. He’s there to get down all the stuff that is kept on the top shelf, kissing your giant nerd man is a real struggle, but you can get a ton of forehead kisses and romantic hugs for sure. This artist illustrates what it is like to date a giant nerd, in the most charming and relatable way.

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Here are some hilarious episodes from her comic series ‘My Giant Nerd Boyfriend‘.  Enjoy!