This Woman Has Created a Series of Comic Illustrations Showing How Her Husband Has Changed after Becoming a Father

Becoming parents is one the best and the purest things in the world. It literally makes everything better. But newborns come with their own baggage of issues. It’s true that a woman goes through a lot of changes which alter her life and her body after the newborn but it’s not only the mother’s life that changes, a father’s life also changes drastically that nobody talks about.

A mother-kids bond has always been the subject of inspiration for many artists but Weng Chen decided to portray how the life of men changes after they become a father and her inspiration was her husband, James. Chen Weng, a Seattle-based game developer, illustrator, and mom of two goes by the name The Messycow and has made a comic series that show how her husband has changed after James became a father. Weng has been drawing since she was 2-year-old and becoming a parent is what got her back into creating comics.

“I don’t have big chunks of time to work, it’s always a couple hour in between chores and taking care of the kids”, Weng said.

More info: The MessyCow

Chen Weng is a game developer, illustrator, and mum of two, who decided to portray how the men are changed by fatherhood